Luciana Zogbi

She is beautiful and she knows how to sing. Just like she took my breath away when I first watched her youtube video All of me, she has dazzled the whole Youtube community with her beauty and angelic voice.

Her video, All of me, has 21,266,880 view (21 Million views) at the moment (January 14, 2015) and if you have watched the video, you would understand why.

Luciana Zogbi
Luciana Zogbi

Luciana’s videos speak for her and so do her fans. Luciana Zogbi has captured many hearts and had witnessed thousands of her fans say… “I love you…”. Still 19 years old, but she had, to my knowledge, already been proposed to (3 times, see the image below :p)

Luciana Zogbi's Youtube Video - All of me for John Legend
Luciana Zogbi’s Youtube Video – All of me for John Legend
Source: Compiled manually from Youtube comments

Luciana Zogbi is a worldwide star and she is incredibly popular in Indonesia and Philippines. What I don’t understand is this though… why doesn’t Luciana Zogbi have a Wikipedia page yet?

Luciana Zogbi is a 19 year old ; she has a Brazilian Nationality but she is from Lebanese origin. She lives in São Paulo, Brasil.

Her cover of “All of me” for John Legend, maybe the best video she has ever done, but is certainly not the only song showing her talents. Below are another three of my favorite covers done by Luciana.

“Demons” for Imagine Dragons:

“I See Fire” for Ed Sheeran

and last but not least, “She wolf” for David Guetta

I am looking forward to see what she plans to do next. She is already famous (225,365 likes on facebook) and she certainly has the talent to go many steps ahead.

Note: This post does not represent Luciana Zogbi. For her official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube… etc, please see the links below.

Name: Luciana Zogbi

Youtube Channel: tempestinwhite

Facebook Page: LucianaZogbiMusic

Twitter Page: luzogbi

Instagram: lu_zogbi

Offical Website: luzogbi


So this is the first post I have done on Beautiful Geneiuses , why? Because I am Lebanese and I Love to see Lebanese people succeed.

9 thoughts on “Luciana Zogbi”

  1. My head’s underwater
    But I’m breathing fine
    You’re crazy and I’m out of my mind

    Now the only thing i m asking from god is to contact you… these days i m really out of my mid.. I watched all the youtube videos within one day.. and that is not enough foe me.. you have been touch with a god’s gift! Dilan Darshana


  2. im in love to you and your extra ordinary voice…your a beauty and talent…like you so much..come and visit Philipinnes.Love you Luciana;)


  3. The Wikipedia article about her has been deleted for a lack of “meaningful, substantive content”. Obviously it wasn’t well edited. I will try getting and work on it when my exams are done.


  4. Ms. Zogbi, You really deserve a verified well written Wiki reference page with a meaningful bio and historical content, current projects and plans for the future. Wiki has become the quasi-“truth” including insight and relational entertainment context to artists who are as talented as you. Perhaps you are not actively pursuing a career as a solo artist in the entertainment industry, i realize that reality can mean one step back before you have a foundation to take those additional two steps forward, and things are much easier said than done but consider this encouragement to do so. Perhaps North America is not your focus and if that is the case i can respect that, but since all the world is indeed a stage; stage right here over in the states is constantly starving for pure talent and originality. Originality has nothing to do with the fact that talent is showcased first with a great cover. Talent is talent, and familiarity of the vehicle (song) to showcase that talent is the best way to garnish attention. I hope you are pushing your self to succeed, get that Wiki page fixed! it is so important! The snowball can grow exponentially fast, it just needs to roll into the fresh, pure, new snow. JB
    Going to post a link to your youtube cover of “All of Me” for a few days. Thank you. Music is everything!


  5. your just like greek woman but im not sure how your life gets better. Man, I wish would help you out with some songs over.


  6. you,were and your twin sister were so cute i,like your song ,even sing them better the real own just like despacito


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