Malachi Samedy

In this post, I will introduce you to another child prodigy, Malachi Samedy, a very talented young drummer.

Who is Malachi Samedy?

Malachi Samedy is an American musical prodigy of Haitian Descent. He learned how to play drums at an incredibly young age. His parents had noticed his musical interest early on and bought him his first drum-set while he was still 18 months old.

Malachi Samedi
Malachi Samedi
From Malachi’s Twitter Account:

The musical talent runs in his family. Malachi’s father plays the bass guitar and his grandfather was a percussionist.

At the age of four, Malachi auditioned and was accepted to Mark Murphy’s School of Music in New Jersey. He had his first public performance at the age of 5.

Malachi has been featured in two documentaries, “Totally Alive” A film about amazing people around the world (check the Youtube video below), and “Encounters in Jazz” A film on Jazz legends and musicians.

Here is Malachi’s twitter account 🙂 , but frankly, it needs some updating

This is Malachi’s personal website

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