Jaxon Smith

Jaxon Smith is a self taught, prodigy, Canadian Drummer. He was born on May of 2005, 3 and a half months pre-maturely but that is not why he is considered a prodigy. Jaxon is a prodigy because by the age of six and without any family musical history and without receiving any drumming lessons, he was brilliant enough to listen to songs, capture the beat in his mind and then play it afterwards, with any spoon, chopstick or drum-stick he could lay his hands on.

Jaxon Smith Source: http://jaxondrums.com/jax_2012/pics/
Jaxon Smith
Source: http://jaxondrums.com/jax_2012/pics/

That is how Jaxon’s official site describes baby Jaxon’s earliest signs of talent and passion for drumming:

By the age of one, Jax was pounding hundreds of dents in the coffee table with spoons. By the age of two, he graduated to chop sticks on the couch. At three, he got his first drum kit and started doing live shows for hundreds of people.

No one can tell the story of Jaxon better than his father, Kevin Smith, in this video which was produced by Kerianne Sproule for The Weal dot com.

So Jaxon got his first drumset when he was about 3 years old and I believe that should be roughly the same time when his dad uploaded this video to Youtube (Jaxon’s first youtube video)

Note: Jaxon the 3 years old, is certainly not as half as good as Jaxon the 6 years old, but you simply have to admit that Jaxon the 3 years old is way more adorable.

Fast forward from Apr 22, 2009 (the date of the first video) to Feb 9, 2012. Almost 3 years later and 29 videos after his first video, Jaxon did a cover for Foo Fighter’s Pretender.

It took the video 3 or 4 months to go viral, but once it did, Jaxon was noticed by NBC and got invited to participate in NBC Today on July 17, 2012.

Here is how Jaxon’s site describes what happened afterwards

His video also appeared on Good Morning America, CNN Headline news, numerous shows in Europe and Japan and national TV and newspaper coverage in his home country of Canada.

Jaxon’s Youtube channel currently has a total of 1.7 Million youtube views and counting. I predict a very bright future for Jaxon. why?

1- Because he is very active, he has great passion for music and for playing the drums.

2- It is obvious that his father Kevin Smith is very supportive to his son’s career.

Finally :), I wish Jaxon Smith great years of success to come… and I will leave you with the 9 years old Jaxon, enjoy.

Jaxon Instagram

Jaxon Youtube Channel

Jaxon’s website

Jaxon’s Facebook Page

Jaxon’s Twitter page

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