Yulema Ramirez ( Yulema Imaginee )

Yulema Ramirez possesses a different kind of “genius”, the ability to entertain people and the character to inspire teenagers. Yulema Ramirez first became famous for her tumblr stonecoldbabe blog and then through her instagram and then through facebook… and finally through her Youtube vlogs. Here is a video of Yulema Ramirez telling her story:

Yulema was born September 12, 1997 and is currently 17 years old. She is an American Vlogger from Mexian origins. Today, Yulema is considered the 931st most popular celebrity in the world according to “Famous Birthdays”. Yulema has many names for herself, she calls her self Yulema Imaginee on TwitterFacebook and Google Plus, SelfBreeze on Youtube and stonecoldbabe on Tumblr.

Yulema Ramirez
Yulema Ramirez , aka, Yulema Imagine, aka stonecoldbabe, aka SelfBreeze Source: https://twitter.com/yuleemaimaginee

What is remarkable about Yulema is that she got more than 270 thousand subscribers (almost 10 million views) on Youtube by simply uploading videos of her “daily life”. For example, her top 5 most watched videos collectively have more than 2.5 million views are:

A Make up Tutorial… Make up tutorials seem to get a lot of attention on Youtube, too bad, I can’t make one.

Story of how she became famous… the previous video

Get to know me… Yulema Ramirez simply lists facts and tells her story and how she became famous. It is unbelievable, is this all it takes to get more than 400 thousand views? 🙂 amazing!

and finally a video of Yulema talking about her crush


There is a slightly more controversial face to Yulema, Yulema the fighter :). It is unclear why Yulema is engaged in a fight, non the less, here is the video:

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