Tsung Tsung

Tsung Tsung

It is easier for a singing prodigy to reach out to our hearts than it is for a Pianist or a Drummer. Why? because most of us can easily relate to one of our favorite songs, to the vocals of Whitney Huston or to the songs of our favorite modern artist; However, it takes a pianist or a classical music lover to appreciate the talent of a pianist.

Lee Shing-tsung, also known as Tsung Tsung is a child prodigy pianist from Hong Kong.  According to Time Out, Tsung Tsung has been playing the piano since the age of 3, that is with the help of his piano teacher Yau Sai-kit.

At the age of 5, Tsung Tsung became famous after releasing this Youtube video:

The video currently has almost 10 million views and is the reason why Ellen DeGeneres invited Tsung Tsung to her show. Here is the video:

Tsung Tsung
Tsung Tsung

Tsung Tsung practices 3 hours a day and certainly has a bright future ahead because he has the talent and discipline to further his skills. I would love to see him composing his own music and following through the steps of his own idol, Mozart.

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