Olivia Young and Gayathiri Mathankanna

Olivia and Gayathiri

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

This is true for everything we do in our lives, it doesn’t matter if our journey is one mile or thousand miles, the journey always starts with a single step.

Gayathiri and Olivia are two musical and singing prodigies who have just taken the first step in their journey towards fame and I am pretty sure that it is going to be a long and successful journey.

As a start, I would like you to watch their duet cover song of John Legend’s, All of me.

Both Gayathiri and Olivia possess great talents and have big dreams. So please let me introduce these promising stars:

Olivia Young and Gayathiri Mathankanna
Olivia Young and Gayathiri Mathankanna

Olivia Young

Olivia is an English musical genius and singer. She was born on September 23rd, 1998 in the United Kingdom to a big and happy family. Olivia has five siblings ( I wonder how much more talent runs in the family 🙂 ). In addition to singing and playing the guitar, Olivia plays the flute, viola and the oboe (that is why I think she is a genius).

Olivia started learning classical guitar on her own when she was 7 years old; She started taking guitar lessons in primary school and carried on through secondary school. Olivia is in the Birmingham School’s Symphony Orchestra and she has big plans for the future. Almost done through secondary school, She wants to pursue her passion for music and art by studying music at University or a Musical College.

Gayathiri Mathankanna

Gayathiri is a very talented young English singer and musician from Sri Lankan origin. Gayathiri was born on August 18 of 2004, she loves singing and has been learning the violin for 2 years. Even though she is only 10, Gayathiri wishes to pursue a musical career, alongside her goal of becoming a doctor.

The team

As soon as I saw Olivia and Gayathiri’s video, I immediately knew that these two beautiful geniuses were getting some help. The audio and video quality were excellent, the video editing was done nicely and for a first channel video, they have done an amazing job. I was right.

I have watched hundreds of good talents on Youtube go to waste, because of lack of proper recording equipment. It is hard to capture and showcase talent with your smartphone. The man behind the scenes is Gowryshankar, Gayathiri’s elder brother. He manages the camera, the video editing and the Youtube channel, MusicTomorrowForever.

Olivia and Gayathiri have been singing together for a couple of months. Both girls aim to reach The Voice UK. I really wish them luck with that, but meanwhile, I can’t wait to hear them sing again. I want to hear them play the violin, flute, viola and the oboe. Youtube audience is huge and offers a great deal of potential. I think that once their videos get some momentum (I hope this blog will help), they will easily rise in the search results, they will appear in the suggested videos section in youtube and people will hear them and love them.

Update: April 7th 2019

Ever since the channel MusicTomorrowForever was created, 9 videos were filmed and uploaded and I must say that Gayathiri’s voice has matured and her singing has considerably improved from her first video with Olivia.

So I will leave you with Gayathiri, a cover for Ruth B., Lost Boy.

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