Victoria Hovhannisyan

Victoria Hovhannisyan

Victoria Hovhannisyan is a Russian opera singer from Armenian Origin. According to her Russian Wikipedia entry ( Оганнисян, Виктория Артёмовна ) , Victoria was born in Yervan, Armenia on November 12, 2000;  she sings in 11 languages, Russian, Italian, French, Japanese, Peruvian, Spanish, Latin, Armenian, English, Hindi and Hebrew. So we aren’t only considering a musical, opera singing prodigy here, but also a linguistic prodigy.(I don’t know Russian, but thanks to Google translate, now I can understand written Russian).

Victoria doesn’t have a musical family background, however, she surprised her family by her Opera singing abilities at the age of 9. Victoria Hovhannisyan has participated and won many musical competitions but she is best known to the English speaking world for her participation in The Voice Kids (Russian version) at the age of 11. Here is a video of her performance, she sang the Diva Dance from the 5th Element Movie:

If you do understand Russian, please add a comment to this post explaining what did the judges say about Victoria after she finished singing… also why did the other two guys take forever to turn their chairs… with such a performance, aren’t they supposed to do that within the first 10 seconds of her performance?

Victoria has performed the same song (a longer version of Diva Dance from the 5th Element) during Miss Russia:

So as I wrote before, Victoria sings in many languages, unfortunately, I can’t find all her performances (most of it has bad audio quality). However, this song is in French,  she sang Dernière Danse for Indilia:

I know, the sound quality is not so great, but still she drove her French listeners crazy… here are some of the comments:

Hiiiiii im french and I saw ur performance of the fith elements. Ur amazing so talented. Like Jackie Evancho but u it’s more in opera. And your accent is so cuuute. I love your voice so much.

Another fan said said:

I am French, and I can tell you one thing, you sing it ways better than Indila. You are extraordinary. Your voice is unbielevable. You are the new voice of Armenia, of the world. You should be famous throughout the world. You ought to be famous throughout the world…

There are simply too many comments to list here, so here is a final one:

Very impressive, I’m french, and, do you speak french ? Because you’ve got a great accent, not perfect but good for a strander ! Awesome song !

In case you are looking for the original song by Indilia, I have embedded it here as well:

So finally, the song below is Victoria’s performance of  Ave Maria or “Ellen’s Third Song”, composed by Franz Schubert in 1825, enjoy:

It is obvious that Victoria is very famous in Russia and the rest of the Russian speaking world, she is also famous in her country of origin, Armenia. However, and despite her wonderful talent, she is almost unknown in the rest of the world. I think she has to start tailoring her songs and videos to English speaking countries, there is a huge potential for fame and success there. Just like her French song attracted hundreds or even thousands of French fans, I think she can offer the world a lot more.

7 thoughts on “Victoria Hovhannisyan”

  1. The other two judges didn’t push the buttons since they knew that the lady judge Pelageya if I’m not mistaken will do great with her and maybe the two judges genre doesn’t fit well with Victoria’s.


    1. Gentlemen, do not stray ! Unfortunately, the cause is much worse !! The reason is purely mercantile (elementary corruption). Even if it was Maria Kallas or Beyonce singing instead of Victoria, the result would be the same !!!!! Judges didn’t turn because they wanted to hurt her credibility in your eyes!!! They had already decided to remove Victoria in the next stage of the competition!!! They had to do it in a way that wouldn’t surprise you!! Victoria has become “dangerous” for THEIR “dear” contestants !!! Here’s the video where they remove Victoria. Watch it, it’s very interesting!! :


  2. Yes, the other judges said ‘incredible’ and ‘it was very cool’. But other judges are more of pop artists while the lady is a renowned folk singer


  3. And who is Vika ??? She was born in Yerevan (Armenia) on November 12, 2000. Apparently, you know that the countries of the former Soviet Union are in poor condition, so Vika’s parents were forced to move to Russia. They tried to settle in Moscow so Vika could have the conditions for the growth of her musical abilities. She thoroughly master the Russian language in 1-2 years. At 9 years old, she suddenly began to sing in an operatic voice and became noticed in Russia. Vika won a lot of awards, and was even recognized in the first “Sensation of Festival”! But then the trouble started. She was met with local chauvinism, nationalism and envy …. More than that, she was not allowed to occupy the top places and began to be persecuted by “negative” comments. We organized a group to support Vika, but this avalanche of slander is very difficult to neutralize. Vika has lost confidence. There were difficulties associated with her transition. In the last competition – “Blue Bird”, Vika was dragged directly from bed, and she barely opened her mouth! And yet, she performed “Time To Say Goodbye” very well: (by the way, note that Vika, without first pausing, held a farewell note for 11 seconds, while her peers could barely pull up to 5-6 seconds, only Bocelli has kept the note that long) But Vika was not ready to sing the final song contest: “Aria Diva Plavalaguna”. However, the leading competition insisted on this (!?) Vika was forced to execute it without training and lost the prize place …
    And who is Vika ?? Viak is not an ordinary girl, with just a unique voice. Her voice is only 30% of her huge talent. She is entirely unusual! Her incredible MODESTY mislead people … Vika belongs to the category of “highbrow Geniuses” (what were Socrates, Mozart, Einstein …). To see this, look closely at these photos. ( Pay attention to the height of her forehead, you notice that it is almost 2 centimeters above (wider) than that of ordinary children, and, with clearly developed “horns” on the sides (3 centimeters above the eyebrows). They control centers of her mental faculties! Her behavior is the same, what is peculiar Geniuses. She finds it easy to sing in 12 languages. Moreover, while singing, she is completely disconnected from the outside world and immersed in the imaginary world of the song. Geniuses do not like us and they perceive the world very differently. Her remarks, are not always clear to us. She even, surrounded by loved ones, feels lonely. What can we do, no one understands her – the flip side of “genius”. About Vika I can write a whole book. Now Vika put online more than 300 great songs, it has already gained more than 36 million views and received 14,000 enthusiastic comments from France, South Korea, the United States, Russia and other countries. No other young singer in the world can boast that! Among her songs are not enough of these masterpieces are Here: and here: (Here more than 90 pop – songs of Vika). The new version of the same song you will find among her pop songs on (If you find yourself on this page, I have a request to you, click on the photo with the inscription: “One Day” and listen to a new voice of Vika, I am struck by its purity, what was in Charlotte Charch’s youth. We are interested to know your opinion. If you have time, listen to a song of Madonna’s “Frozen” by Vika and compare with the original:.. Vika I like best execution) Parisians themselves write that Vika – “new voice” of the World !! They even wrote this: “And how we lived until now without Vika songs?”, Ie, compared she with the Great Dalida! Well – where much more! Vika incredibly graceful and synchronized stage movement: “Moscow Day” Finally, see what beautiful scenery draws Vika, and immediately from nature, without preliminary sketches : Ie like any genius, Vika shows outstanding ability in several areas !!! I believe that Vika representative of children who appear on the world after 20 – 30 thousand years…


  4. What?! Peruvian?! “Peruvian” language does not exist. People in Peru speak Spanish and native languages (none of them is called “peruvian”).


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