Sassa Dagdag

Sassa Dagdag

Sassa Dagdag is a 13 year old Filipina singer and guitar player from Angeles City in Pampanga province, Philippines.

On July 12, 2015, Sassa Dagdag appeared on the 12th episode of the 2nd season of the The Voice Kids (Philippines) during the blind auditions; She sang Chandelier for Sia; the coaches and the audience loved her. Here is a video of her performance:

The original copy of her video currently has more than 3 million views, a real success story born less than two months ago. Sassa has been actively singing with her brother, who also plays the piano, creating and posting videos to Youtube (The oldest video I could find was posted in 2012). Unfortunately, and despite her beautiful voice and amazing talent, her videos had mediocre exposure and if it wasn’t for her appearance in the Voice Kids Philippines, she would have been still relatively unknown.

Listen to her cover “Can’t blame a girl for trying” for Sabrina Carpenter:

Can you believe it? She is adorable, but her video (even after hitting fame) has only 25,361 views… not nearly enough…

Fast forward 3 weeks, August 2nd, Sassa Dagdag, Nikki Apolinar and Alexis Prieto are singing “Hold on” in the Battle Rounds; Sassa Dagdag moves on, Nikki and Alexis are eliminated and to be honest, I felt sorry for the girls, they really sang well, but not as good as Sassa.

Again, fast forward 2 more weeks, August 15… and  here is my favorite of all. Please watch Sassa sing “The Show” for Lekna. What an amazing choice of song, excellent rendition, I just love it way more than the original song.

Despite The Voice Kids (Philippines) being the platform that sent Sassa to fame,  her success story started way before the show; It started in every song she has on Youtube, those songs were her hours of practice and her road to perfection and confidence.

So, if you still hadn’t enough “Sassa”, keep on watching;

Sassa’s coner of “When I was your Man” for Bruno Mars:

“Almost is never enough” for Ariana Grande:

and finally “La vie en rose” for Edith Piaf:

Sassa Dagdag lives in the country of Karaoke, arts, singing and dancing. Singing and playing music runs in almost every Filipino citizen blood and If you want to be a singer, there is no better place to do it than Philippines.

The semi-finals was held in two stages, solo performances were held on August 22, 2015 and group performances were held on August 23, 2015. During the solo performance, Sassa sang  ‘If I Were a Boy’ for Beyonce. Here is a the original copy of her performance:

The combined public votes from Aug 22 and Aug 23 determined which 4 out of the 6 contestants may move forward to the final stage of the competition.

The 4 contestants that made it through to the Finals are:

Team Lea: Reynan Delay-Anay with 33.98 % of the votes
Team Bamboo: Elha Mae Nympha with 19.24 % of the votes
Team Lea: Esang De Torres with 18.23 % of the votes
Team Bamboo: Sassa Dagdag with 13.71 % of the votes

The video below contains the announcement of the voting results for the Final 4 conadidates, a stressful time for the contestants and their fans. The TV presenter didn’t make it easy at all for the contestants, he made sure that he had all 6 contestants were crying before announcing the results, just watch the video and watch him torture the poor kids.

According to this post on The Voice Kids Philippines on ABS CBN website,  the prizes for the final winner of the competition are massive. Quote:

The grand champion will receive a recording contract from MCA Music Inc., a music instrument package, a family utility vehicle, a house and lot worth P2 million, P1 million cash, and a P1 million trust fund.

Such prizes can change the life of the winner and the lives of their families.

In the first day of the grande finale of the second season of The Voice Kids Philippines (August 29, 2015), Sassa & Sharon Cuneta sang “Ikaw” as a Duet.

Later, on the same day, Sassa sang Starships for Nicki Minaj.

On August 30, the 2nd and last day of the season finale Sassa sang “Next in Line”.

Honestly, I am wasn’t so “wowed” with Sassa’s recent choice of songs. I “like” her final and semi final songs, but I “love” her Battle round and blind audition songs. My favorite songs for Sassa are “The Show” and “Can’t blame a girl for trying”, perhaps she could have delivered something as awesome as those in the final. Who else agrees? I haven’t heard the magic in Sassa’s voice in the last couple of songs.

Coach Bamboo, I have to say that you didn’t succeed in bringing the best out of Sassa and perhaps that is one of the reasons why, my favorite candidate Sassa didn’t win the competition.

Despite the disappointing vote results, I am not worried about Sassa; I am sure that she has a life full of success ahead of her and the whole world will be keeping an eye on her.

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