Ayoub Maach

Ayoub Maach

Ayoub Maach is a dutch singer from Moroccan origin, he was born on February 19, 2000 and is currently 15 years old. Ayoub reached fame through his participation in the third season of The Voice Kids Netherlands in 2014.

Ayoub’s career started the moment he started singing “Jar Of Hearts” for Christina Perri during the blind auditions of the Voice Kids. Here is his performance:

5 seconds after Ayoub started singing, the first judge, Marco, turned his chair. The other judges had their chairs turned within 40 seconds of his singing. Ayoub sang beautifully and melodically. Despite the competition consisting of multiple qualification stages, I believe that by the end of his song, everyone who has heard him sing, including the judges, knew that he is the contestant that is going to win the competition.

Ayoub qualified to the battle round where he sang, along with Leke and Merel, “Angel” for Sarah McLachlan. All three delivered sensational performances but as expected, Ayoub won the battle; Leke and Merel were Eliminated.

During the final of the competition, Ayoub sang “All of Me” for John Legend and “For the first time” for The Script. Both performances were very good, but not nearly as good as his Blind Audition.

“All Of Me” for John Legend

“For The First Time” for The Script

The good news is that Ayoub Maach won the third season of The Voice Kids Netherlands. The bad news is that there is no sign of Ayoub in the “Musical Arena” since his victory in February of 2014. I am pretty sure that all of Ayoub’s fans are waiting for his next move.

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