Noah Levi

Noah Levi

Noah Levi is a German singer and guitarist made famous through his participation in the third season of The Voice Kids Germany. During the blind auditions, Noah had two of the coaches turn their chairs by performing a rendition of Photograph, a song for his favorite artist, Ed Sheeran.

His Youtube video currently has nearly 4 million views and is by far his most admired public performance.

According to his SAT1 profile, Noah was inspired to take on singing and to play the guitar by his guitar teacher and his dream job is to be a Sound Engineer.

Lets go back to the competition, so during the battle round, Noah Levi performed crazy in love for Beyonce, along with Luna and Michele. The rendition was another instance of genius incubated by The Voice Kids Germany, which never fails to give the audience the “wow experience”. All three contestants performed brilliantly, yet, Noah made it through, where as Luna and Michele were eliminated.

So Noah made it to the semi finals of the competition where he performed “The way you make me feel” for Michael Jackson.

Noah Levi moved on to win the third season of The Voice Kids Germany; during the final, he performed “I see fire” for Ed Sheeran.

On April 4th, 2015, and just around the time while the 3rd season of the Voice Kids Germany was coming to an end, Noah Levi release his own original song, “Love is the hardest love”

His song currently has more than 780 thousand views and counting.

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