Angie Kristine

Angie Kristine

Angie Kristine, a 16 years old beautiful Filipina singer from Siargao ( Philippines), was one of my favorites and the first to catch my eyes and ears on the first season of the talent show ABS – CBN is Idol Philippines.

Angie Kristine was one of the talents selected from the first batch  auditions  on April 21st.   She slayed her performance for “Jar of Hearts”.  She got four yeses and had very positive comments from the judges.

This is the first out of 4 stages that Angie has to battle her way through to make it to the grand finale episode.

13 Batch auditions will carry the most talented contestants to their theater round.

Usually in the Idol Franchise, the following structure is followed, during the Theater round, successful contestants from all 13 batches would have to to perform in three sub stages:

  1. a chorus line in groups of 10 where free song choices are allowed
  2. a trio (or less commonly a duo or quartet) where contestants must memorize a preselected song to perform and choreograph together
  3. a solo a cappella round where contestants sing a song of their own choice without musical backing in front of friends, family, judges & fellow contestants.

There is a personal and touching story behind Kristine’s motivation to sing, she has been in continuous search for her father since his disappearance more than eight years ago.

Can’t get enough? Here’s another performance of her “Two Less Lonely People”

This song was performed in February 2018 before Angie’s appearance on the Idol.

Angie Kristine is not only an angelic voice. She also joined different beauty pageants. It’s no doubt that she’s a total package (pretty face and beautiful voice). We will continue to join her in the new journey she’s walking to.

Angie Kristine
Angie Kristine, Idol Philippines


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Finally, I will leave you with her most recent rendition on youtube:

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