Tricia Bonilla

Trish Bonilla

Trish Bonilla is a 16 years old singer from Lucena, Philippines, the daughter of Mau Marcelo, the winner of first Philippine Idol which aired on ABC in 2006. Trish is known through her participation in The Voice Kids Philippines in 2017 as well as her most recent performances in the Idol Philippines in 2019.

Trish Bonilla in the Idol Philippines

Trish is an aspiring contestant in the Idol Philippines, her first performance aired on April 27, 2019 in the second batch of auditions in the Idol Philippines.

Below is a video of her first performance in the Idol Philippines with the song Sirena. Her singing greatly amused the judges who gave their YES to her without doubt.

Following her first performance during the auditions, Trish moved forward to the next stage, the Theater Round. Theater round is composed of three sub-rounds – the Group, Do or Die, and Solo rounds.

In the Group round, contestants are grouped according to their genre and sound. The group gets to decide which song best suits them. 69 contestants made it through to the Group round.

In the Group performance Trish sang with Julia Joaquin, Nicoll Del Finado and Micoline Acedera and they performed “It’s all Coming Back to Me Now.” In this round, judges saw great potential in Trish and her teammate Julia. They were chosen out of the 4 contestants.

Watch “It’s all Coming Back to Me Now” performance of Trish Bonilla, Julia Joaquin, Nicoll Del Finado and Micoline Acedera

Trish moved forward to the next round which is the Do or Die round. During this round, the judges select the songs on behalf the contestants. 39 our of 69 Idol hopefuls made to the Do or Die round and luckily both Trish and Sheland have made it through.

Do or Die Performance of Kamikazee’s “Narda.” with Vanya Castor, Ameufina Martinez III, Julia Joaquin, Trish Bonilla, Charmagne Algario, Rachel May Libres, and Sheland Faelnar

Once again, Trish was chosen by the judges to advance to the next round “The Solo Round”, 19 other succeeded as well. In The Solo Round, the contestant will be the one to pick a solo song. This will be the final round for the Idol Philippines contestants and in this round 12  out of the 20 remaining contestants will be chosen to compete for the next round “The Live Shows”.

Here’s Trish performance of “One Night Only”

In this round judges were not happy with Trish’s perforamnce. They thought she was not singing like a star but as an amateur singer. Vice Ganda, one of the idol judges, was unhappy because of the inconsistency she observed with Trish through out the contest. Despite of this upset, Trish still moved forward to the next round which is the Live Show.

Trish Bonilla sings “Kailan” for Live Round

Trish was praised by the judges for her performance in the first round of the Live Shows. 10 of Idol Hopefuls made it through to the second week of the Live shows.

In the second week of the Idol Philippines, Trish sang Pagdigyan Muli for Erik Santos. Below is a video of her performance on July 6th, 2019.

Trish will perform again next week and will continue to fight her battle in the competition.

Trish Bonilla is The Voice Kids

Is it only me who found a ”ding” in Trish Bonilla’s name? Have you ever have the same gut feeling why she’s so familiar? Maybe I can explain why. Here is a hint!

Tricia Bonilla
Tricia Bonilla, The Voice Kids

She tried her luck in The Voice Kids, but unfortunately, she was eliminated during the knockouts. Please check the video of her IIngatanKa performance.

Trish Bonilla’s Mom

Trish joined the Idol Philippines because of her dream to become a successful singer like her mother, Mau Marcelo. The talent runs in the family, as her Mom, Mau Marcelo, was  the winner of first Philippine Idol which aired on ABC in 2006.  That’s her mom performing “When We Were Young” For Adele.

Ironically her mom was against her decision to pursue singing because of the hardship she might face on the road to success. However, this didn’t deter Trish from pursing her passion and dream.

The next few weeks are going to be very important in Trish’s career as a singer.

Will she finally make it to the end in the Idol Philippines? Let’s stay updated for the next round of the competition.

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