Sheland Faelnar Idol Philippines

Sheland Faelnar

Does anyone remember the “Stage Impress” in Music Hero? Oops! Don’t go, you’re on the right page, let me explain. Music hero is a segment from a Filipino show called “Eat Bulaga”. Sheland was given the “Stage Impress” name because she rocked the stage while delivering Respect by Aretha Franklin.

Sheland Faelnar is a 17 year old singer from Quezon City. She is most recently known from her participation in Idol Philippines in 2019. There’s no question about her amazing gift in singing and that’s why she convinced the judges to say “YES” for her to proceed to the next stage, the theater round in Idol city.

Check her performance in Idol Philippines singing her own rendition of Symphony below:

Idol Philippines is not Sheland’s first public appearance but it is her most prominent and most successful (in my opinion) as her voice matured.

Sheland has participated in Music Hero in Eat Bulaga (GMA) and Tawag ng Tanghalan in Showtime (ABS CBN). I have watched few of her performances and I’de to share few of those with you.

Sheland’s Masterpiece in Music Hero

Sheland’s Problem in Music Hero

Finally this is her performance, singing Stand up for Love in Tawag ng Tanghalan (Showtime)

If I had to be Sheland’s coach, i’de surely advise Sheland to stick to slower, more soothing songs than problem.

What an amazing performer she is. Her success in the Idol will greatly depend on the audience votes and support. If you enjoyed her singing as much as I did, please support her and watch out for her upcoming videos.

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