Lara Dabbagh

Lara Dabbagh

Lara Dabbagh is a 16 year old artist from Western Sydney, Australia.

According to her Facebook page, Lara comes from Moroccan and Lebanese background. This explains a lot! It explains where the magic in her voice comes from! The green mountains of Lebanon and the lively streets of Marrakesh. The Arabian beauty is visible in her eyes, skin tone, hair and smile.

Lara auditioned last year(2018) for The Voice Australia (7th Season) but the judges, for some stupid reason, decided not to hit the “I WANT YOU” button. Excuse me! I’m angry, i’m outraged, 1 year late though 😀 ! Not because I’m Lebanese and I want to see Lara succeed, but because I have heard her sing and I love her voice. Please Listen to her 2018 audition, have your heart broken while you watch 4 deaf judges ignore her amazing performance:


So Kelly, didn’t hit the “I WANT YOU” button in 2018, but lets not be hard on her, her excuse is: “I’m done forming my team”. At least, she did tweet about Lara and encourage her to join in the next season. Luckily, Lara took the experience positively and used her small upset to prepare and come back for the win in 2019.


Here’s her singing “Scars to the Beautiful Yo”u in The Voice Australia. The deaf syndrome strikes 3 out of 4 judges this time and the only judge who pressed the “I WANT YOU” button and turned for her was Guy Sebastian. Again, listen, and tell me i’m not the only one who thinks the judges are deaf:

So now she is through the blind auditions round and I can’t wait to see how the battle round goes. I can’t wait to hear her sing again.

Lara is inspired by Alicia Keys, Camilla Cabello, Ella Mai and Bazzi . When interviewed on Spotlight and asked for her long term goal in her career, she said “I want to influence people to stand up for themselves and be a role model.”

She really has a passion for singing which explains why she wasn’t put off by one upset After her unfair and unsuccessful audition in 2018, Lara has striven to become a better singer. She has maintained an active Youtube channel and most importantly she has released her first single. White Lies which is featured on her VEVO youtube channel. On VEVO, she is known as LaraD.

Lara D – White Lies

Here is some more crazy news, Lara only has 10,671 views for her video… she deserves a lot more.

Here is another original single released by Lara Dabbagh on her own official Youtube, Smile.

Finally, I will leave you with her cover of If i Ain’t Got You by Alicia keys

Please support Lara, she is an amazing singer and she deserves much more Love.

Here’s her Instagram, facebook and Youtube Channels.

She also has her Youtube Channel.

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