Jessie E.

Jessie Eilers

Jessie Eilers is 15 years old singer from Melbourne, Australia. She joined The Voice Australia 2019 for her father who has been her greatest supporter after her mom’s death in 2016. Her love for music began when she was 5 years of age and learned to dance with the rhythm. To Quote Jessie, for a 15-year-old young lady , “sky is the limit” for her future vision in her career.

Jessie’s first performance in the blind auditions round was outstanding, here’s three chair turner performance of Angel of Sarah McLachlan.

Being a backup dancer and vocalist at Junior Eurovision in Georgia inspired her to have a spot in the entertainment world. The Voice Australia gave her hope to pursue her dream in the music industry. 

Having made it through the blind auditions, Jessie performed in the knockouts round where she sang Mercy for Shawn Mendes.

Her performance was amazing, it is a shame she didn’t make it beyond the knockouts round. Despite this minor upset, I am not woried about Jessie, she sings like an angel and she a promising career ahead of her. With today’s social media reach, every talented singer in the world has access to unlimited audience through Youtube, instagram and the rest of the social media platforms. 

Here’s her Halo (Beyonce) rendition in her Instagram account.
Another cover from her of “Who’s Lovin You” by Jackson 5
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