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Trish Bonilla

Trish Bonilla is a 16 years old from Lucena, Philippines. Trish is an aspiring contestant in the Idol Philippines, her performance aired on April 27, 2019 in the second batch of the Idol Philippines.

Trish joined the Idol Philippines because of her dream to become a successful singer like her mother, Mau Marcelo. The talent runs in the family, as her Mom, Mau Marcelo, was  the winner of first Philippine Idol which aired on ABC in 2006.  That’s her mom performing “When We Were Young” For Adele.

Ironically her mom was against her decision to pursue singing because of the hardship she might face on the road to success. However, this didn’t deter Trish from pursing her passion and dream.

Below is a video of her performance in the Idol Philippines with the song Sirena. Her singing greatly amused the judges who gave their YES to her without doubt.

Is it only me who found a ”ding” in Trish Bonilla’s name? Have you ever have the same gut feeling why she’s so familiar? Maybe I can explain why. Here is a hint!

Tricia Bonilla
Tricia Bonilla, The Voice Kids

She tried her luck in The Voice Kids, but unfortunately, she was eliminated during the knockouts. Please check the video of her IIngatanKa performance.

She must really love KZ Tandingan’s songs. Here’s another performance of her “Two Less Lonely People in the World”

Will she finally make it to the end in the Idol Philippines? Let’s stay updated for the next round of the competition.


Angie Kristine

Angie Kristine, a 16 years old beautiful Filipina singer from Siargao ( Philippines), was one of my favorites and the first to catch my eyes and ears on the first season of the talent show ABS – CBN is Idol Philippines.

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Mirna Hanna – ميرنا حنا

Mirna Hanna ( ميرنا حنا )  is a 12 years old Iraqi girl who hit fame during her participation in the Voice Kids in its Arabic version. Mirna was born in Karkook in Iraq. At the age of 10, Mirna and her family fled from ISIS to Irbil (Iraq) and then finally to Lebanon about 2 years ago.

Mirna Hanna ميرنا حنّا
Mirna Hanna ميرنا حنّا

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Noah Levi

Noah Levi is a German singer and guitarist made famous through his participation in the third season of The Voice Kids Germany. During the blind auditions, Noah had two of the coaches turn their chairs by performing a rendition of Photograph, a song for his favorite artist, Ed Sheeran.

His Youtube video currently has nearly 4 million views and is by far his most admired public performance.

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Ayoub Maach

Ayoub Maach is a dutch singer from Moroccan origin, he was born on February 19, 2000 and is currently 15 years old. Ayoub reached fame through his participation in the third season of The Voice Kids Netherlands in 2014.

Ayoub’s career started the moment he started singing “Jar Of Hearts” for Christina Perri during the blind auditions of the Voice Kids. Here is his performance:

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Solomia Lukyanets

Solomia Lukyanets is a 14 years old Ukrainian opera singer. She was born on April 24, 2001 in Kiev, where she lived her early childhood. Solomia currently lives in Berlin, Germany.

Solomia has claimed a lot of titles and won many competitions but she is mostly famous through her participation in The Voice Kids in its Ukrainian and German editions.

Despite her participation in The Voice Kids Germany not being her biggest career achievement in terms of titles and rankings (i.e. not making it to the semi finals); it is, in my personal opinion, the greatest stage (so far) of her very successful and very promising career.

Andrea Bocelli – Time To Say Goodbye (Solomia)

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Sassa Dagdag

Sassa Dagdag is a 13 year old Filipina singer and guitar player from Angeles City in Pampanga province, Philippines.

On July 12, 2015, Sassa Dagdag appeared on the 12th episode of the 2nd season of the The Voice Kids (Philippines) during the blind auditions; She sang Chandelier for Sia; the coaches and the audience loved her. Here is a video of her performance:

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