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Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles is a comedian, a Vlogger, a Youtube celebrity with almost 15 Million subscribers and more than 1.7 billion channel views. Jenna Marble’s real name is Jenna Mourely; She has two dogs, Kermit and Marbles. Marbles is the reason why her Youtube channel is called Jenna Marbles.

Jenna Marbles
Jenna Marbles

Jenna posted her first video on July 9 of 2010, the video went viral and she became famous at the age of 24. Jenna Marbles might not be a prodigy, but she certainly is a genius. Traditional IQ measures limited aptitudes such as mathematical, linguistic and logical thinking… but Jenna has one of the highest unconventional and immeasurable IQs and quick wit. She has the ability to observe the society and herself and present her observations in a hilarious, engaging and entertaining fashion.

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Yulema Ramirez ( Yulema Imaginee )

Yulema Ramirez possesses a different kind of “genius”, the ability to entertain people and the character to inspire teenagers. Yulema Ramirez first became famous for her tumblr stonecoldbabe blog and then through her instagram and then through facebook… and finally through her Youtube vlogs. Here is a video of Yulema Ramirez telling her story:

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