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Trish Bonilla

Trish Bonilla is a 16 years old from Lucena, Philippines. Trish is an aspiring contestant in the Idol Philippines, her performance aired on April 27, 2019 in the second batch of the Idol Philippines.

Trish joined the Idol Philippines because of her dream to become a successful singer like her mother, Mau Marcelo. The talent runs in the family, as her Mom, Mau Marcelo, was  the winner of first Philippine Idol which aired on ABC in 2006.  That’s her mom performing “When We Were Young” For Adele.

Ironically her mom was against her decision to pursue singing because of the hardship she might face on the road to success. However, this didn’t deter Trish from pursing her passion and dream.

Below is a video of her performance in the Idol Philippines with the song Sirena. Her singing greatly amused the judges who gave their YES to her without doubt.

Is it only me who found a ”ding” in Trish Bonilla’s name? Have you ever have the same gut feeling why she’s so familiar? Maybe I can explain why. Here is a hint!

Tricia Bonilla
Tricia Bonilla, The Voice Kids

She tried her luck in The Voice Kids, but unfortunately, she was eliminated during the knockouts. Please check the video of her IIngatanKa performance.

She must really love KZ Tandingan’s songs. Here’s another performance of her “Two Less Lonely People in the World”

Will she finally make it to the end in the Idol Philippines? Let’s stay updated for the next round of the competition.


Angie Kristine

Angie Kristine, a 16 years old beautiful Filipina singer from Siargao ( Philippines), was one of my favorites and the first to catch my eyes and ears on the first season of the talent show ABS – CBN is Idol Philippines.

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